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Discover my certifications allowing me to stay up to date through the many advertising platforms that exist today.


Google Ads Fundamentals

Diploma ID : 25532417

Google Ads - Measurement Certification

Diploma ID : 45181159

Google Ads Certification for Search Advertising

Diploma ID : 33799630

Google Ads Display certification

Diploma ID : 26532108

Shopping Ads Certification

Diploma ID : 43273296

Google Ads Video Certification

Diploma ID : 45178827

Search Ads 360 Basics

Diploma ID : 39548244

Google Ads certification for mobile advertising

Diploma ID : 30908751

Waze Ads Fundamentals

Diploma ID : 53736074


Reach and Frequency Campaigns

Boost your marketing with Facebook Pixel

From business goal to creative strategy

Brand Best Practices

Business Manager

Create Facebook Ads

Creative Planning for Formats and Placements

Deliver Actionable Media Recommendations

Collaborative Ads

Design Creative to Drive Action

How to Buy Instagram Ads

Instagram Ad Formats

How to Drive Actions Online, in Stores, and in Mobile Apps

Closing the deal with Conversions

Drive Store Traffic and In-Store Sales With the Store Traffic Objective

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