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Maximize your advertising results

Are you getting the best results from your digital ads? Get more sales through an advertising marketing strategy.

How I can help you


Notoriety & visibility

Make your products and / or services known to those who don’t or little know you.


Discovery & consideration

Encourage people to visit your site and optimize the user experience.



Make the purchase (or any conversion) a reality with clear and consistent messages



Encourage people to leave a review and keep them coming back.

What people say about me

“We are very lucky to find Tania as our Marketing manager for our paid ads. Tania is very professional and detailed. She tracks our ads performance every day and adjusts them accordingly.
Without spending too much money, we get the best results. What’s more important, Tania gives feedback and suggestions all the time which is very valuable to our business growth.
I highly recommend Tania for your paid ads.”

Lucy Zhao
President of Beyond the Runway

“I’ve worked directly with Tania as I needed help with website development, content strategy and lead generation. Tania is someone with credible experience and big ambition. She aims high to make sure she’s making a difference. She takes her job very seriously, very committed to delivering with high quality and most importantly, is there to ensure the success of her customers. Luckily, we’re one of her customers and we will continue to use Tania’s services for the future.”

Mazin El-Achkar
President of Snowbird Ventures

“Tania’s services have allowed our company greater visibility and to reach a very niche clientele. Very professional service and respect of deadlines.”

Sébastien, Territory manager @ Trivel


“I called on Tania to receive personalized training based on my business needs. Tania was very professional, competent and her ability to communicate effectively is exceptional. I highly recommend Tania for all of your digital marketing needs. Thank you very much Tania!”

Laurie Labbé
Founder and President at Voyages Yulgo


Who am I

Tania Marcoux

Google Ads & Facebook Ads Freelancer


Hello, my name is Tania, and I’m from Montreal. I’m passionate about marketing, entrepreneurship and traveling. My passions led me to become a freelancer in digital advertising (SEM & SMM).

Having a headache looking at your advertising budget & sales goal with no clue how to put the 2 together & actually get the ROI you want? You’re in the right place. With my expertise & experience in online advertising, it’s my mission to help you take the overwhelm out of search & social advertising & make every dollar you invest generate a big impact for your customers & a profitable return for your business !

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